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AOK Spring 2012 Meeting Agenda

Meeting Agenda
January 30, 2012



Mark your calendars with these important dates:

Monday, January 30th
 AOK Planning Meeting
Monday, February 6th                              
8-4 Monday through Friday
 Begin collecting clothing at Armory
Saturday, February 11th            
 Set up the Armory for Event
TUESDAY, February 21st  
AOK Planning Meeting
Monday, February 27th
Finish Set Up at Armory
Wednesday - Friday Feb 29th - Mar 2nd   
Prep for Event
Day & Time To be announced at next meeting:

We expect from our volunteers the same (and more) than we do from those who come to receive clothing on Saturday.

We ask that you only take as much as you need but not more than you need!
Volunteer Shopping Hour

Thank you for helping us meet all the needs of those who come (volunteers & our guests)!
Friday, 3-2-12
Prayer Walk – invite & come
Saturday, March 3rd
Give Away Day

New Business:

·                     Fall 2011 Update:
o    After several months of getting the word out &  a week of nearly 100 volunteers working 12-16 hours a day - lots of laughing, crying & hard work preparing- over 700 people came to receive winter clothing for free - what a blessing it was to all (both those who gave & received!) THANK YOU for ALL YOU DID! What remained helped many organizations including Daniel Cason who used the abundance of clothing to provide clothing for over 2000 people at the annual I Cared Enough event at Fairfield Arena!

·                     Volunteers: (Pre/Prep/DayOf/CleanUp)
o    Verify your Contact info on the list as it makes its way around
o    Find your name on the Meet w/Sign Up Sheet & mark when you expect to be able to work
o    Volunteers for Pre Event Tasks – see sign up sheet after meeting
§  Flyer Distribution as a Group
§  Letters to Churches
§  Phone Calls
§  Copying
§  Misc other Tasks

o    Volunteers – Sign up tonight for the dates you expect to be available
o    Invite FRIENDS & FAMILY to work with us!

·                     Advertising
o    Printing
§  Flyers (pick up tonight); REMEMBER to sign out flyers
§  2000 English/Spanish ½ sheet flyers 80- full size flyers
§  Sign out tonight to pass out in your circles (we want to know where they are going so that we don’t duplicate areas)
o    Promote on Facebook
o    Notify groups you’re affiliated with
o    In your church
o    At the gym
o    At the stores & restaurants you patronize  
o    School/Bank signs
o    Calera Monthly
o    Shelby County Reporter
o    Birmingham News
o    Radio
§  Local

·                     Clothing Donations:
o    Hangers- we removed the request for clothing to be brought on hangers from the flyer –because of limited storage room at the Armory, when clothes coming in during the drop month on hangers they end up in a big pile. This caused the clothes to be dirty & a big hassle for the sorting department – (of course, if this doesn’t work well, we will revisit this before the Fall Drive
o    Clothing Go through your OWN closets; ask FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS, spread the word; bring clothes to the armory beginning Monday, 2/6 from 8-4 NO AFTER HOURS DROP OFF!

·                     Supplies
o    Need funds – if you have a few dollars to contribute tonight that would be helpful
Nametag supplies
Poster board
Lemonade & Popcorn
Additional items

o    Need Volunteers to bring items (see sign up sheet for additional items)
Masking tape (Please Buy Scott Masking Tape!)
Rubber bands
Safety Pins
Paper Towels
Bottled Water

·                     Prep Week Details:
o    Carts: We have secured 10 shopping carts from Bill Davis at SavMor – please tell him thank you as you shop with them! They are VITAL!
o    Department Heads:
§  Women’s                Laura Rodriguez
§  Men’s                      Peggy Lee & The Mahon’s
§  Children’s                Carolyn
§  Junior’s                    Nicole
§  Misc                        Nicole
§  Shoes                      Florence 
§  Sorting                    Megan Krueger (training Emma Krueger for Fall)

·                     Miscellaneous Items:
o    Thank You’ s - If you are aware of businesses that have assisted & are not listed please add
o    Left over items will be given to Daniel Cason Ministries & other ministries locally – as always, items are given to ministries that give the clothing to others, without charge – this has always been our commitment to those who give & will continue to be our commitment.
o    Christmas Parade NEEDS: Collecting Stuffed Animals to throw at the Christmas Parade – gave away over 100 in just a matter of minutes in 2011 – we want to have at least a 1000 this year!

·                     Contact Us :
o    Suggestions
o    Questions
o    Problems
o    To Sign Up to Volunteer
§   email  helpaok@gmail.com  or call Rebecca at 281-1975 or Peggy at 668-0117

·                     Next Meeting is on TUESDAY, February 21st at 7 at the Calera Library

God is good and He will meet our needs.  We will be His hands and feet as we GIVE our time and effort from the Heart.

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